Sisolak Proclamation vs. Sisolak Recall

by Annie Black

(Annie Black) – Thanks to everyone who’s already signed our e-proclamation declaring Gov. Sisolak’s “systemic incompetence” to be an “economic health crisis” in Nevada and urging him to resign.

We’ll be collecting e-signatures through the close of business on Friday and then send a print copy of the Proclamation to the Governor’s Office next Monday.

To add you name, click here:

Now, just to make sure there’s no confusion, this is NOT a petition to recall Gov. Sisolak, and here’s why…

Our politicians – and this should come as no surprise to anyone – have passed laws making it EXTREMELY difficult to recall an elected official.  In the case of Gov. Sisolak, almost impossible.

To get a recall election scheduled requires petitioners to gather signatures from 25% of registered voters – while getting an initiative qualified for the ballot only requires 10%.

Which means to force a recall election for Gov. Sisolak, petitioners need to gather 243,995 signatures….and a recall effort earlier this year succeeded in getting only 33,105 signatures.

Gatherng a quarter-million signatures is a HUGE hurdle…made worse by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis…and the fact that petitioners only have 90 days to collect signatures and submit their recall petition.

Oh, and the signatures can’t be from just any ol’ registered voter.  To qualify, the voter MUST have voted in the 2018 election.  That narrows the field considerably.

Don’t get me wrong.  Hand me a “Recall Sisolak” petition and I’ll sign it.  But I’m also a realist.

The only reasonable chance to gather enough signatures in such a short period of time would be to hire a professional signature-gathering firm.  And that’s probably, at a minimum, a $1 million investment.

The other option for removing the governor before his 2022 re-election campaign would be for the Legislature to impeach him.

But that’s not going to happen.  Both the State Senate and State Assembly are controlled by Gov. Sisolak’s fellow Democrats.

Which is why I’ve chosen to call on the governor to resign and let someone else have a shot at fixing the mess he’s created and guide our state out of the COVID-19 crisis rather than launch a recall effort.

Again, I’m not saying I oppose recall efforts.  But as Granny Annie (see below) used to say, don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

I say the more pressure on Gov. Sisolak the better.  And if you’d like to sign a recall petition, Fight for Nevada has one circulating right now.

For more information, click here

AnniePAC and Fight for Nevada aren’t competing.  We’re allies.  We have the same goal: To remove Gov. Sisolak from the governor’s office as soon as possible.  We’re just hitting him from two different directions.

And I invite you to join both of us!

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