AnniePAC Endorses Jill Dickman for Nevada State Assembly

by Annie Black

(Mesquite, NV) – AnniePAC announced today the endorsement of Jill Dickman in Nevada Assembly District 31.

Jill represented this district in the 2015 session during which she earned an impressive 94% rating from the American Conservative Union.  She’s pro-gun, pro-business, pro-life, pro-school choice and anti-tax.

The incumbent, Skip Daly, is the only Democrat in the Legislature to represent a Republican-majority district, so this is decidedly a GOP pick-up opportunity.

“It’s disappointing that the Republican Assembly Caucus didn’t endorse Jill, their former conservative colleague, in the primary,” said Assemblywoman-elect Annie Black, founder and president of AnniePAC, “but she won anyway.  AnniePAC is proud to give Jill our official endorsement and I’m looking forward to serving with her in the 2021 session.”

AnniePAC supports conservatives in key elections throughout Nevada.

Paid for by AnniePAC.  Annie Black is a Mesquite City Councilwoman and Assemblywoman-elect for Nevada State Assembly District 19.  Please visit:

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