AnniePAC Endorses Steven DeLisle for Nevada State Assembly

by Annie Black

AnniePAC announced today the endorsement of first-time candidate Dr. Steven DeLisle for Nevada Assembly District 29.  He’s pro-gun rights, pro-business, pro-life, pro-school choice and has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

Steven is a dentist-anesthesiologist and has been attending Southwestern Law School.  He owns and operates 14 dental offices and built the first Dental Ambulatory Surgical Center in Nevada to help young children and those with special needs.

As a cancer survivor, Steven says he “will fight to oppose any (health care) plan that puts a bureaucrat between patients and their doctor.”

The incumbent in the race is Democrat Assemblywoman Lesley Cohen.  The district has a 2,200 Democrat voter registration advantage with 11,000 non-partisans.

Cohen lost the seat to a Republican in 2014, and barely won it back in 2016 by just 212 votes out of almost 29,000 cast.  She kept the seat in 2018 with just 51% of the vote.  So this is a competitive, winnable seat.

“Steven is a small business owner and strong fiscal conservative,” said Assemblywoman-elect Annie Black, founder and president of AnniePAC.

“He’s exactly the kind of person we’re going to need in the 2021 session to help rebuild our state from the devastation of the economic shutdown caused by Gov. Sisolak and the Democrat majority in the Legislature.  We’re proud to offer him our official endorsement and I look forward to serving with him in Carson City next year.”

AnniePAC supports conservatives in key elections throughout Nevada.

Paid for by AnniePAC.  Annie Black is a Mesquite City Councilwoman and Assemblywoman-elect for Nevada State Assembly District 19.  Please visit:

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